We have so many wonderful memories of the last 16 years- we look forward to many more during our 17th(,yes 17th year here at the Sportsman) Its hard to believe that the time has went so fast. One thing we do want to say is that we couldn't have done it without the many seasonal campers who have been here from the beginning or even before we bought the business and those of you who have come in over the years and became part of our Champlain family from day one..The first day we told ourselves we wanted a place where people could enjoy themselves, not have to worry about their kids (walking or riding their bikes.) We want anyone and everyone who stays here to feel safe anywhere they go on our property. We believe we have done this and have managed to make this a family campground and that includes the cabins also.. That was the number one priority, was for everyone who stays here to enjoy this special place we have and have fun doing so. We also didn't feel the need for a lengthy list of rules. So, once you drive in the driveway,  the only rules here are common sense and common courtesy and respect for one another and be kind. So, we would love for you to come join us  and see the stunning views of Lake Champlain,the pool, catch some fish on the dock, and to be amazed by the sunsets that are out of this world beautiful and of course to chat on the deck across the street and meet new people from different places.  Possibly at the end of the day,  you may have made a new friend .As you go through the website, we hope that it provides you with all the information you need to decide to stay at the Sportsman Campground and Cottages on your next vacation, so you too can experience our way of life and understand why we have enjoyed it for 16 years and counting. So we hope to see you soon for a vacation on Lake Champlain.
Thank you,,,Dave and Penny Henderson  


Seasonal Camping Sites are limited

(please call for more information)